The Planet Loses And So We Do

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This is not an objectivist talk nor a selfish one. It’s just the realization that if your planet loses then so we do. The human can only lose and be hurt if the planet is contaminated. If the planet is sick, we will also be affected by it.

The Air:

It’s easy to identify the danger of this if we think for minute about the air. The contamination and pollution are damaging our air, making it dangerous for us to breathe it. This is especially true for highly-industrial cities and countries. For example, China reports a high degree of pollution in the most important cities, and this is damaging their citizens in many ways.

The air is what we need to live. Without air we would simply die, but if it’s contaminated we can still breathe it but it will also cause us some kind of damage in the short or long run. Therefore, it’s important to stop for a minute and think about these things. Our actions have consequences, and these are destroying the quality of the air we breathe.

If the quality of our air becomes affected, then we will start suffering more diseases. We need to breathe fresh and clean air, but it’s true that in some cities it’s impossible to do it. This is a serious issue which not only damages our planet but also the people.

The Water:

The water is a precious and very valuable resource. Unfortunately, we are also contaminating it very much. Without water, just like air, we cannot live. Can you imagine a world without water? Neither can we.

The bad news is that we are contaminating the water in a frequent basis. Instead of trying to preserve this valuable resource we are simply contaminating it and therefore reducing the amounts of this resource which is so necessary for the life on earth.

So if you want to help the planet, the best thing you can do is to be more careful with water. Do not spend it if you don’t need to, be very careful with its usage.

You should teach your children the value and importance of water. There’s nothing better than learning how to take care of a REAL treasure. Water is a treasure and we all need to protect it as much as we can. We should limit its usages to the things we REALLY need. For a lot of people it’s hard, but in fact it’s simpler than we think.

Something as simple as reducing your shower time from 10 minutes to 3-5 minutes can do wonders for the perseveration of water. This simple change in your life will help your planets in more ways than you think.

Another way to save water is to close the spout when cleaning your teeth. Just open it when you are ready to wash your mouth. But while brushing keep it closed.

That’s all you need to know. It’s time to help our planet!

Our Planet Is In Danger!

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Our planet is really in danger. We are suffering the consequences right now. Because so much contamination is finally having an impact in our planet. We will discuss this topic thorough this article. Because we want to make you understand that our planet is passing through a very hard moment and that we have to do something about it.

Our Planet Is Sick:

We are making our planet sick. With so much contamination – which comes in many ways – we are making it fall sick. And we are not doing anything to improve this situation. Therefore, our planet is in constant danger nowadays.

We are attacking it from many angles. One of the most relevant is the contamination the seas undergo, it’s highly dangerous as it’s damaging the animals who live in it. The same goes for the contamination the jungle is subjected to. It goes for regions all over South America: Brazil, Peru, Colombia, etc.

As we can see this problem is attacking our planet from any angles and perspectives. And this attack is getting very intense. Because we see that global warming doesn’t stop and it’s just advancing further and further every year.

Temperature Is Rising:

All over the world temperature is rising. Places where hot weather was uncommon is now a common thing. And this is dangerous, because this is breaking with the status quo. It’s going to backfire at us badly.

If temperature keeps raising this way, then lots of environments will be destroyed. We can see that in the Pastoruri in Peru. We can see how it was a big glacier just 15 years ago. But now, if you visit it, you will see that from that majestic and big glacier there only a little bit of snow left. This is how global warming is damaging our world. It’s destroying everything.

We Need To Do Something:

We need to something about this. And the best part is that you can take part into this mission. You should try to join an organization or club in your city or country which brings you the possibility to help our planet by reducing contamination.

For example, there are organizations which take care of cleaning the beaches. This action can be kind of small, but you will be able to reduce the amount of plastic which ends up in the sea. You should know that plastic kills a lot of animals in the sea every single day and contaminates the sea even more.

If you want to make the seas cleaner and safer for animals that live in it, then you should try to join these organizations. They do a fine job at cleaning the beaches. So you should try to join them. It’s a small help that matters.

That’s all. You need to do something. Instead of complaining all day go out and start helping our planet. We need action takers instead of complainers. So just go ahead and start helping our planet starting from today!

Why Is Recycling Important?

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reduce, reuse and recycle note
If you really care about this planet, then you need to understand that recycling is important. But, in order to understand it very well, you need solid and fair reasons. That’s the job of this article. It will show you why recycling is something you must practice in a frequent basis.

Stop Contaminating

We can help to reduce the contamination of this world by recycling. And we have to remember that we can recycle a wide myriad of things. It’s especially to find a second use to things which have a high potential of contaminating or damaging the environment.

One of these such element is the plastic. It can be very noxious for our planet, so we will do well if we recycle it and find for it a second use at home. The same goes for glass. It’s very hard for the environment to degrade glass, therefore it’d be excellent if we could find a second use for it. And in fact, glass is fairly easy to recycle.

One of the best ways to put a stop in contamination is to recycle. It’s inevitable to contaminate the world. Every living being on this world does it in one way or another. But by recycling we can reduce it and therefore help our already-sick planet.

If you want to contribute to making this world a better place to live in, then by simply recycling as much as you can you will be doing a lot.

In fact, you can also find in your city companies which are dedicated to recycling certain things. Batteries can be very noxious for the environment, but fortunately there are companies which take care of recycling these things.

Because Old Things Matter:

If you have old things at home, instead of throwing them into the trash, you should try to think of other ways you can use such things. This is the principle of recycling: finding a second use for things you think are useless.

Therefore, this is a kind of philosophy you should share with your children as well. Teach them the importance of recycling. Teach them to think twice before throwing something to the trash. Of course, common things like paper bags and such cannot be recycled into very useful things. But for example toys can be gifted to other children.


Recycling is important because it helps us to reduce contamination to the environment. And we can contribute a lot of our planet by doing it. As you can see recycling is not hard at all. You just need to exploit your creativity and see on which ways you can use old things again.

That’s all. We invite you to start recycling more often, because this will contribute to the planet in order to make it a better place. It can also be a wonderful project for you and your kids. So as you can see recycling is not only helpful but can also be very entertaining. So just try it.