How Much Do You Have To Pay For A Reverse Mortgage?

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The concept of mortgage is a life saver for many people who wish to take loan from an institution (bank, building society or any other) for any purpose. Of course, the lending institution does not give away the loan for free, they secure something instead; mostly real estate property. Now reverse mortgage in Canada is a bit of a new concept which is available for people over the age of 55. In simple words, senior citizens can take loans from an institution but there are some conditions to it. The maximum percentage of the loan that you can get is 55% but it can be less than that depending upon your age, location of your property and how much your property costs. For reverse mortgage, you would not need to have the usual prerequisites that are necessary for a standard mortgage. The great thing about reverse mortgage is that the individual does not need to make any payments, though he would need to pay the interest of the mortgage but the good thing is that the interest is added on to the balance. If you wish to gather more information about reverse mortgage then just visit

The thing that confuses people is the cost of acquiring a reverse mortgage. The whole concept of reverse mortgage seems unbelievably amazing, especially when it comes to how much you have to pay out of your budget. The actual amount that you would need to pay in order to acquire reverse mortgage is for the appraisal of your house and it is around $150 to $400. There are other costs like independent legal advice and legal title and administrative fees but these can be taken out of the reverse mortgage loan and that it how most people prefer it.