The Popularity of Dream League Soccer 2017

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The current trend of youth towards football mobile games has allowed some of the biggest developers to create all-time favorite games for the fans. These games are considered the best among other category games of the same generation due to the popularity of the football sport. As football is the number one sport with the highest number of fans, similarly there is a huge crowd anticipating for new football games every year. Since few years the FIFA gamers were feeling left out as EA sports was no longer creating a newer version of the game. This created a huge gap between the supply and demand ratio of the players and developers. Many games were tested and created but most of them lacked in some feature one way or another. Since the release of Dream League Soccer by First Touch Games people are gaining interest in football mobile games once again. The game is simple to play and its offline playing facility has made it accessible to all.

Since early 2016 the developers of DLS are coming up with new updates and versions of the game to keep on giving surprises to the fans. Currently the game is available on the Play Store and App Store by the name Dream League Soccer 2017. In terms of gameplay DLS is one of those few games that could be compared with FIFA except for the lack of high quality graphics and animations. DLS is the only game after FIFA that was given license to portray real life football players’ faces and use their real names in the game. The players are given option to build up their teams from the scratch and can get new team kits. Dream League Soccer kits can be downloaded online for free.